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Fraction Quilt

Fractions can be a really awful experience for some students, so this could make the subject more interesting and more engaging.
I found this idea on Teachers Pay Teachers from Real Teachers Learn, if you’d like to see her version click here.  I didn’t purchase that resource, as I only used it for inspiration.
This activity does assume that there is already a base knowledge of fractions, but not much beyond that.


Step 1. Students colour a 10 x 10 block grid using whatever colours they choose.  You might want to specify a minimum number of colours.  These will turn out amazing regardless of how they choose to fill the grids out.

Fraction Quilt by ArtsyInquiringMinds / CC BY 2.0
The template in the above photo is found here.
Step 2. Count out the number of squares for each colour.  Depending on the grade you teach and the goals you have for the lesson, you may ask the students to state those fractions in lowest terms and as a decimal.

Colour Fractions by ArtsyInquiringMinds / CC BY 2.0
Step 3. Have each student calculate a set number of fraction addition equations, like the ones shown below.  You may also have them change it into decimal form.

Fraction Addition by ArtsyInquiringMinds / CC BY 2.0
Step 4. Since a whole class set of Fraction Quilts are really quite a sight, I would suggest you find some wall space for everyone to enjoy their handiwork.  If there is somewhere in the school hallway that would be even better, as it might just inspire someone else to look at fractions in a different way!


Hope you liked this idea!  Happy teaching!

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