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Genius Hour

Taking a step towards using a model of inquiry in your classroom.


When all you know is traditional instruction, the “sage on the stage” method of teaching, thinking about switching to a model of inquiry might seem IMPOSSIBLE.


That’s where Genius Hour and things like it come in.  Like every other new subject or way of thinking, your students will need to be scaffolded into inquiry-based learning and Genius Hour lets you do that.


Once you and your students are comfortable with the procedure of Genius Hour, you might want to move into a guided, whole-class inquiry to demonstrate the process of connecting multiple curricular competencies and content items from the curriculum.


The whole thing is exciting!  I look forward to have the chance to journey through this way of thinking with my future students.  I’d love to come alongside each and every one of them as the “guide on the side,” while they find their passions and explore things that interest them.

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