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Pi Skyline

A City of Pi by ArtsyInquiringMinds / CC BY 2.0

This is the first project for my technology passion project.
You might be wondering how it fits into a course about technology . . . And I’m happy to clear that up for you.  You see, technology is everything.  Recently, we’ve come to think of technology as computers and other electronics, but even something as basic as a felt pen or a pencil crayon is a piece of technology.  It was invented to solve a problem, just like our cell phones we are attached to!

I start all my projects by exploring Pinterest for ideas.  This one is no different.  I came across a blog detailing how to celebrate PI DAY (3/14 – March 14th) with a math based activity.
Here’s a link to the original post – you’ll find the instructions there – Erica did a fantastic job, check it out!

This activity could really be used any day of the year if your class is working on a topic such as bar graphs or circles.  Also, this could make a fantastic home project, so if you’ve got kids at home who are working on those topics I highly recommend giving it a try.
I really love the versatility of this project.

Here are a few ways it could be completed:

  • Colour the bar graph a different colour – or even multiple colours!
  • Create the background with felts or pencil crayons.
  • Use the background to do a study on perspective – two lessons in one project!
  • Do a collage for the background for an abstract look.

Can you think of any other ways to personalize this project?

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Passion Project

It’s been a long time since I truly explored something because I wanted to, so when we were encouraged to dive into a passion to complete a project for a tech class I was initially very unsure what I was going to do.  When the assignment was introduced I was challenged by the lack of structure as well, but with a little bit of brainstorming at home as well as discussions with others, I came up with something!

When I thought about what I have consistently done for fun whenever a little bit of free time presented itself to me the decision was easy.

I’m CRAFTY – my project needed to be something creative.

I like to colour.

I like to paint.

I like to bake.

I like to make collages.

You get the idea!

I also really love math.  Numbers are something I have always loved, but I realize that not everyone feels the same way, so my mission (and yes, I do choose to accept it!) will be to find or create lessons for elementary or middle school math classes  that use art.  Once I have them, I will be completing those activities myself and posting them here on the blog.

Stay tuned to see my attempts and successes!

Maths clock

Maths Clock by duncan c / CC BY-NC 2.0

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New Beginnings

The beginning of a new school year.  The beginning of a new program.  So many new things to do.  So many new people to get to know.  So many new opportunities to learn.

As I have just barely started my post-degree program in elementary education this month, so many thoughts and questions are flowing around in my head.

This saying really resonated with me:  “The best way to get things done is to simply begin.”


As the months go by, I’ll be posting about things that interest me within the field of education or anything that might connect in some way.

Passion Projects . . . Classroom/Lesson Ideas . . . Resource Links . . . Everything!!!

So, here I go!