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Geometry Stars

I can remember learning geometry units in school on multiple occasions, and while I LOVED them, others dreaded them.

This activity was really fun to do, especially for me, since I’m quite visual.  Of course, creating the star and then colouring it was the best part, but taking the time to label the simpler one is how I (pretending to be the student) show my learning.

Here’s the link to the activity that inspired these pictures.

You could easily include other math learning goals to this activity.  

Off the top of my head, I can think of:

  • Measuring the line segments
  • Calculate the perimeter of your star
  • Label the different kinds of triangles within your star
  • Compare values (such as perimeter or longest line segment) with a partner

On top of those options, as far as increasing the amount of art in this lesson, you could:

  • Fill the final star with different patterns or textures
  • Talk about primary, secondary, tertiary colours as a way of colouring in the final star – or even complementary or monochromatic colour schemes
  • Talk about warm or cool colours as a way of colouring in the final star

Simple Geometry Star by ArtsyInquiringMinds / CC BY 2.0

Colourful Geometry Star by ArtsyInquiringMinds / CC BY 2.0

By having each student complete two stars, you able to assess their understanding from the first one, and adjust your lessons accordingly, while they move on to the one that they have freedom to decorate as they choose.

The completed coloured stars would make a really interesting display as a class set and perhaps could be used as the beginning or end to a space unit.

The possibilities are endless!